when im hungry, im become so english hshshs

Hey Folks! (sound like an store name he?)

long time not see me arround this blog, yess im so bussy right now, and so bore with my computer. i dont have adobe photoshop here, so i cant edit my entire fotos, and i want to borrow that adobe from my fren, but i always forgot to minta that adobe -,-. need adobe badly right now.

huahesaeduahahhueheh, maybe you ask why im using english for this post. why? because im need to do this for my toefl test, and my english now is very very very bad. like a kampung boy, my teacher said ( he's a mean techer, he almost everyday noyor my head if i sleep on the class hshshahshahs).

soo, i want to talk about todayz.
today i almost late again, i think i did it everyday ckck. im never hear the bell ringing when the class start for last 4 months, my lazy habit is ccoming again,

.... so hungry rightnow, so play again later folks, i need to go.

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